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Here's a heartwarming dish that will have your family asking for more (that's quite literally what mine did!) And that's saying a lot, seeing as how they are Stew-Averse people. I have absolutely no idea why! They LOVE Bolognese Sauce. That's like a stew but with mince meat instead of beef chunks. Right? Well, whatever it is, they LOVE this. A perfect single dish to enjoy in front of the tele after a hard day's work, or one for a cold winter's day, this Beef Stew Stroganoff can be enjoyed with a side of salad, on a bed or mashed potatoes, on rice (my personal favourite) or pasta. The reasons to make this are endless so let's get started.

  1. Beef Cubes

  2. Chicken Stock Cubes (I use Knorr)

  3. Red Wine

  4. Yellow Onions

  5. Garlic

  6. Carrots

  7. Sour Cream

  8. Plain Flour

1) Season Beef Cubes with Dark Soya Sauce and leave it fridge (in a ziplock bag) overnight. This gives the beef a rich dark color and also gives the gravy a more robust and 'round' flavour.

2) Bring Beef to room temperature.

3) Dust thoroughly in plain flour, shaking off the excess

2) Bring Beef to room temperature.

3) Dust thoroughly in plain flour, shaking off the excess

4) Fry cubes on high heat till a rich brown colour. Brown all sides. Doesn't have to be thoroughly cooked.

5) Chop large yellow onions and cut carrots into large chunks

6) Fry onions on high heat in a little oil till fragrant and brown

7) Throw in browned Beef cubes. Add water to cover.

8) Toss in a Chicken cube (the Knorr type) and pour in some red wine and throw in 2 to 3 Bay Leaves

9) Turn fire down to low/medium (it should simmer and NOT be a rolling boil.

10) After half an hour or so, pour in carrots

11) Let simmer for another hour or so, stirring occasionally to prevent the Stew from sticking to the bottom of your pot. If the water is too little, top it up. (a little at a time)

12) Season with Salt and Black Pepper to taste.

13) Toss in a sprig or 2 of Rosemary. If you do not like the strong taste of it, take it out early.

14) Test for tenderness with a fork

15) Add a dollop or so of Sour Cream and stir in JUST BEFORE serving

16) Time to eat! Serve with Rice, or over a bed of Mashed Potatoes, or over Pasta. All 3 options are equally delicious!

Bon Appétit!


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