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Hey there! Here's a little history on how I got here. I started out as a copywriter in advertising, mainly because that’s what my interest was. I studied journalism and television production in College and returned to conquer the advertising world with my sheer talent! Well…. At least that was the plan, and that was the dream. A couple of months into my first copywriting job, I realised…. Oh… maybe not. I thrived on meeting people, talking to people, getting to know people. I loved retail. And most of all, I loved the business of doing business. And so, not to let my degree go to waste, I switched over to the client services side of advertising and I absolutely loved it! I met people, and I still got to work on creatives and strategy. The world was my oyster! What a perfect time that was.

Typing on a Laptop

Fast Forward to today and here I am, discovering a whole new world and loving every minute of it! The vision for foodlifeandme? To celebrate life, to discover new things, to reflect on what we have, to keep learning and to share all these wonderful experiences with you!

Pink Blossom

Cliched as it may sound - Join me, in my journey through this new phase in my life. A phase of positivity, relevance and sheer joy! I can hardly wait to start up my computer every morning and begin a day of video editing, writing and chatting with business owners in Singapore. 

And as they always say - The Best is Yet to Be!

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