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Tom Yum Soup

Aunty B's kitchen

Everyday meals for the everyday family

Through the years, Aunty B has always been there for us, feeding us and nourishing our souls. Our lives have intertwined in such a way, that we share the same milestones, although always on our own seperate journeys through life. We take life, as we should, one day at a time, one meal at a time. In those early days some twenty years ago, we ate with relish, as a young family with two toddlers and their grandparents in tow. Porridge stewed with love went from food for our two beautiful girls, to bowls of nourishment for my dad, in his last few dementia years. They say that food and feeding are extensions of our heart and to that I say a resounding, YES.

Come into our home and onto our dining table. Won't you join us?



It's Good Food, Plain & Simple

This is a tribute to all out

that who toil in the kitchen; 

Every, Single, Day - to put

out a lunch or dinner, or breakfast, or a snack even. It's thankless, truly it is. Most times, the family gathers for the meal, they eat and then they leave. Almost immediately. Then just as fast as they can ask, "What's for dinner?", you're left standing there, with the dirty dishes, and the leftovers, which you then clear, and put away into plastic boxes and pop straight into the fridge; after which you begin your next thankless task - cleaning up. All this, and only to do it all over again, the very next day. Because really, it isn't as plain and simple as everyone thinks it is. There's no fanfare, unlike if you cook something special for a party. Or to post on Facebook or Instagram. It does however, involve the same amount of work. But good food it truly is. So I raise my fried fish, spare rib soup, or cheng chow vegetables and my glass of warm water - to all the Daily-Cooks out there! This page is for you! Cheers!

Char Bee Hoon

What would life be without Char Bee Hoon?
Growing up, this was always a staple in my home and a definite inclusion in our picnic menu - for a day at the beach or an afternoon spent deep sea fishing.  Incredible as it may sound,  my mother always managed to cart a giant pot of char bee hoon (fried dry with canned top shell) and curry chicken on every trip out to sea. You heard me right. A pot of curry chicken, gravy and all. Ah... the smells of burning diesel, the salt stained bum boats, and curry,  sloshing around in a wave beaten small boat. Such joy.. 
Today of course, things are different. Clifford Pier from where we loaded up our Curry Chicken and Bee Hoon for a day of fishing, is now a fancy restaurant offering Fusion Asian Cuisine, or 'Heritage Food' as they now call it. But for me of course, Char Bee Hoon will always represent all that is good and happy. Now that I have a family of my own, I feel a sense of  obligation to transfer some of this warmth and happiness to them. Here's a How-To video to create some of that gourmet joy for your family too. Here's to new family traditions!