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Here's a Baklava inspired sweet treat! Or savoury if you'd like.....

All you'll need is Frozen Fillo Pastry, Melted Butter and whatever toppings your mind can dream up of. This one's drenched in a light honey lemon drizzle and topped with freshly baked chopped almonds. You could use pistachios or cashews or whatever comes to mind. I've done this topped with a dollop of tart bottled Lemon Curd and dusted with icing sugar, and my Mum had hers with....get this.... canned tomato sardines!

1) Melted Butter

2) Frozen Fillo Pastry

3) Over Baked Chopped Almonds

4) Honey

5) Squeeze of Lemon

1) Preheat Oven to about 350°F or about 180°C

2) Bring frozen fillo pastry to room temperature. They tend to crack if you try using it while it's still in a frozen state.

3) Melt butter

4) Place one sheet of Fillo on tray and brush with melted butter.

5) Repeat this for about 10 sheets (this really depends on whether you like your pastries thick and thin.

6) Brush topmost layer with butter

7) Cut in squares, or circles or diamonds

8) Bake for about 10 minutes till brown and cooked through

9) Drizzle with a light mix of Honey, Lemon and water while warm

10) Let cool

11) Brush on some Honey Lemon Drizzle and top with almonds.



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