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Here's a neat trick - Add Capers, Cream and a little White Wine to your Chicken Cutlets, and they suddenly turn fancy on you and become - Chicken Piccata ! Yes, that's the stuff of restaurants. Better yet, when plated correctly, (read: Cutlets placed on a bed of Tagliatelle, and garnished with chopped Parsley and thin slices of lemon) your chicken creation will make your dining room feel like a 5 star Italian restaurant!


Step 1:

Season and Tenderize Chicken

Chicken Piccata is traditionally cooked with Chicken Breasts

Butterfly Breasts (Fancy term for : Slice Chicken Breast horizontally so as to render the chicken breast thinner, or shall I say, more flat.)

Pound flat.

Season in a mixture of Milk, Salt and Pepper. Let soak in fridge for about an hour or two minutes to absorb the salt and to tenderize.

Soak in Milk, Salt & Pepper to Tenderize
Chicken Piccata Marinade

Step 2:

Meanwhile, prepare the sauce base.

This is a combination of Chicken Broth and lemon juice.

A rich and lemony base for sauce
Chicken Piccata Lemony Chicken Broth Sauce Base

Step 3:

Time to fry up the Cutlets!

Let excess milk seasoning drip off, then dredge in slightly salted plain flour.

Shallow Fry till crisp and golden brown.

Set aside.

Step 4:

Fry Capers

Use about 2 TB of the remaining oil and fry the capers. Careful, they pop around when hot.

Fry till a little fragrant.

Chicken Piccata Capers

Step 5:

Pour in the prepared Chicken Broth & Lemon stock.

Add heavy cream. How much will depend on how rich you want the sauce to be.

Add a dash or 2 of White Wine.

Salt and black pepper to taste.

A White Wine infused Cream sauce for Chicken Piccata
Chicken Piccata Cream Sauce

Step 6:

You're Done!

Next step depends on how you like to eat it.

My kids like it when we pour a little sauce over the cutlet just upon serving.

Most serve with the Cutlets sitting in a shallow sea of the cream sauce, garnished with parsley and slices of lemon.

Some coat their Tagliatelle with the sauce, then seat their cutlets on top.

Your dinner, your call :)

Bon Apetit!


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