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Chocolate Indulgence by KEONG SAIK BAKERY

A rich Belgian chocolate ganache sandwiched between moist dark chocolate sponge. It IS Chocolate Indulgence - pure and simple.

This boutique bakery along the historic Keong Saik Road pays tribute to our local culture, with innovative and creative takes on our traditional local desserts and giving them a contemporary flair. Orh Nee Tarts, Muah Chee Croissant Cubes, Chendol Delight cake, Attap Chee Rose Cheesecake are served up alongside their contemporary pastry counterparts. Stylish AND Creative!

Visit them now at:

Pardon our slightly Kiasu Disclaimer:

This is not a paid partnership nor do we earn a commission from this. We just love how beautiful their cakes look and think that you will too. Food Life And Me Pte Ltd has curated this list and has provided the link to Keong Saik Bakery for your ordering convenience. We are however, not a part of your ordering process and cake order. Thank you.


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