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Classic Milk Chocolate Cake Made With Kit Kat® by BOB THE BAKER BOY

Their signature 55% chocolate sponge, Kit Kat® spread, fresh milk chocolate chantilly made with Kit Kat® spread, crunchy KIT KAT® bites mix-ins. Absolute Kit Kat® Heaven! This Q4 collaboration with Nestle Singapore is a winner for sure!

With an adorable slogan like “Always baking people happy”, who can resist this highly creative and bespoke bakery that bakes up cakes with unique flavour pairings, and creates stunning designs that will have you saying, “Wow!”

Visit them now at:

Pardon our slightly Kiasu Disclaimer:

This is not a paid partnership nor do we earn a commission from this. We just love how beautiful their cakes look and think that you will too. Food Life And Me Pte Ltd has curated this list and has provided the link to Bob The Baker Boy for your ordering convenience. We are however, not a part of your ordering process and cake order. Thank you.


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