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Claypot Rice or as they call it in Cantonese, Sar Poh Fun, is far easier to cook than you think! Wait, did you just say "Easy"? Read on and I'm very sure you'll think so too!

So, let's get started!

Basically, there are 2 things to consider:


This, of course, depends how many people your delicious rice dish will feed.


As you can see from my photo, I love to go old school. The rough finishing type of pot is pretty difficult to come by these days. I had to comb the whole of Singapore to find this. I eventually found mine in a kitchen supplies shop in Ang Mo Kio. DM me on and I'll be sure to forward the name and address of the place. (I'll have to call them first to see if they still carry it) Most shops nowadays sell the smooth type of pot. To me, the whole clay thing makes a lot of difference in the taste and aroma of the finished product. This Claypot with the rougher finishing renders a rice dish that has a unique taste.


1) Soak your Rice - soak for at least an hour

2) Here's what you'll need:

I get mine from NUTC Fairprice Supermarket. If it's the Lunar New Year season, you can find high quality ones at Chinatown, but they are rather expensive.

3) Boil Cured Meats to soften and remove old oil and salt

If you need to, boil again with a fresh pot of water as the meats can be very salty.

4) Fry Lup Cheong, Waxed Duck and Pork Belly. Save the fragrant and aromatic oil.

5) Leave a little oil in the pot but save the rest.

Fry a little chopped garlic, add the rice and fry till fragrant.

5) Once fragrant, add enough water to boil the rice.

6) Cook Rice on low heat till about 3/4 cooked

7) When 3/4 boiled, loosen up rice a little. At this point, check on whether you need to add water and adjust accordingly.

8) At this point too, add the sliced fried Lup Cheong, Waxed Duck and Pork Belly and some vegetables so that the flavour of the meat will add more flavour to the rice.

9) Let simmer till rice is fully cooked.

10) Best eaten with a drizzle of Thick Black Sauce. Some add an additional drizzle of oil but that would be your call. If you would like additional oil, use the fragrant oil that you fried your cured meats in.

11) ENJOY !!!


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