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Fragrant. Sweet. Delicious. That's how I would describe Aunty B's Prawn dish that's always a favourite fixture and a hit at our family gatherings - Hence my naming it: Aunty B's Delicious Ginger Garlic Prawns :)

Here's How:

Step One:

Clean and Wash prawns. We usually remove the body shell to make eating it a No Fuss No Muss affair. The choice is all yours. What you cannot discard though, are the prawn heads. That's the main source of the prawny-deliciousness ;), not to mention a great source of joy for my mum's generation - to chew on, to release a burst of flavourful broth.

Step Two:

Finely dice Ginger, Garlic, Chilli and Red Onions.

Step Three:

Dice about half a large tomato

Step Four:

Prepare marinade of Oyster sauce, Sesame Oil, a little Sugar, Chinese Wine and Water.

Step Five:

Season prepared prawns with Salt & Pepper.

Add a little Corn Starch and mix well.

Step Six:

Heat up enough oil for a shallow deep fry. Fry just one layer of prawns at a time. Do not crowd the pan and do NOT stir fry. This sears the exterior and retains the sweetness. Remove from pan and set aside.

Step Seven:

Add a little oil to pan and fry the ginger, garlic, chilli and red onion mixture till fragrant.

Add diced tomatoes. Fry for a bit till softened.

Add marinade mixture

Finally, add the prawns, stir to coat.

And that's it!



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