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It truly is what the the ad proclaimed it to be in the 70s - "Fast to Cook, Good to Eat"!

Shallot & Garlic Oil

This can be made in advance. And besides, it's really useful to have this in your arsenal of flavours that you can add at will to your various dishes. This is especially if you are making a dry version of wonton noodles or any other dry noodles for that matter. Then it's just, Shallot & Garlic Oil, Sesame Oil, Soya Sauce and Oyster Sauce as the go to flavour for your base noodle dish.

Peel & Slice thinly a whole load of shallots (about 15) and chop some Garlic (about 2 entire bulbs)

Put about 2 cups of cooking oil in pan. Bring to a steady low heat.

Put sliced shallots in and fry till golden brown. Make sure to constantly stir with a pair of chopsticks to avoid the slices sticking together. Remove and place on kitchen paper towel to soak up the oil in order for shallots to remain crisp. When cool, place in airtight container.Next, do the same with the garlic.

Set aside oil.

Fry Minced Pork

Season pork with Sesame Oil, Chinese Wine, Soya Sauce, fish sauce and Oyster sauce.

Add some shallot oil to pan.

Fry some garlic, add in pork, fry till cooked trough.

Remove from pan and keep aside.

Boil Noodles

Make sure not to overcook.

Take out when about 3/4 ready.

Rinse in cool water.



Return cooked pork to pan.

Heat till hot.

Stir in cooked Noodles.

Add extra seasoning to taste - Shallot Oil, soya sauce, white pepper, fish sauce.

Served topped with spring onions, crispy shallots and crisp garlic bits.


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