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A perfect dish for a cold winter's night - A rich sukiyaki broth brought to life by giant chunks of Beef Brisket, poured over a bowl of freshly boiled Udon. OK, I know we are without the four seasons here in Asia.... but you must admit, it does paint a pretty picture of a perfect winter meal. This one pot dish is in keeping with this cooking section in that..... it's Easy-Peasy!

1) Sukiyaki Sauce - I got this at Don Don Donki Orchard Central

2) Beef Brisket - I got this from Foodie Market Place

3) Chicken Stock

4) Onions, Udon, Spring Onions(for garnish)

1) Cut Beef Brisket into thick slices and soak overnight in Sukiyaki Sauce

2) Take out and bring to room temperature then pat dry.

3) Add some oil to pot, and in high heat, sear the beef pieces. Do not keep turning. Sear till golden brown, then turn and do the same on the other side. Lastly, sear the fat. Remove from pot and put onto a plate.

4) Pour away most oil from pot and add a little fresh oil. Fry thick onions slices or chunks in high heat till brown on edges.

5) Put all beef into pot, add chicken stock till just covering meat and add some of leftover marinade.

6) Simmer on very low heat with cover on (cover should have a small steam release hole) for about 2 hours. Test meat for softness. It should have a little bite but shouldn't be chewy.

7) Serve on top of Udon, or Japanese Rice and garnish with Spring Onions.

8) Enjoy!


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