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Eaten with Rice or even as a snack, Aunty B's latest creation was a hit with the family last night. I was a little hard-pressed to come up with a nice name for the dish so I decided that a name that would best describe it, would be just that - a description 😉.

So here's how:

Step One:

Cut Eggplant into bite size chunks. Not too big though, because it will take longer to cook through. Season with a little salt and about 1 TB of Vinegar. Toss and let sit.

Step Two:

Chop Garlic, Ginger, Fresh Red Chilli, Spring Onions. Set aside.

Step Three:

Pour away liquid that had seeped out from the Eggplant during the seasoning process.

Toss lightly in Rice Flour (or a combination of Rice Flour and Cornstarch).

Deep fry till crisp and cooked through.

Remove from oil and drain.

Step Four:

Use a little oil and fry chopped Garlic, Ginger, Chilli and Spring Onions till fragrant.

Pour in cooked Eggplant.

Season with a dash or two of Kecap Manis (for sweetness) and a little Oyster Sauce (for roundness).

Adjust amounts of Kecap Manis and Vinegar to suit your palate.

Step Five:

Serve and Enjoy!


Best to serve immediately to enjoy the crunch of the deep fried Eggplant.


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