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Simple & Different. When you're tired of the same old same old noodle dishes, try making this for the family. I guarantee you'll hear nothing but happy slurping!

  1. Packaged dry Udon

  2. Minced Pork

  3. Chopped garlic

  4. Dried Chilli (seeds removed)

  5. Cucumber shredded and dried on a paper towel

  6. Coriander and spring onions to garnish.

  1. Fry dried chilli in hot oil till it changes colour to dark brown.

  2. Add garlic and fry till light brown

  3. Add minced pork seasoned with soya sauce, oyster sauce and a bit of chinese wine.

  4. Add a liberal dash of black vinegar

  5. Add water, then cornstarch to thicken.Top boiled noodles with sauce

  6. EAT!


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