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If there's one thing that we have to thank the Sui Dynasty for, it's got to be - The Invention of our most beloved dish, Fried Rice. Yes, yes.... we know, we know... This imperial Dynasty that ruled China from the years 581-618 lists as its most notable achievement, the Reunification of the North and South. But I beg to differ. Where would we be, if the Sui Dynasty did not, in the city of Yang Chow, create this iconic dish - aptly named, Yang Chow Fried Rice?

Our humble Fried Rice is a strange dish, in that, there are as many versions of Fried Rice as there are Fried Rice Cooks. And like snowflakes, no two Fried Rice(s?) are the same, even if they are coming from the same cook. Why? Because Fried Rice is a leftover dish, made with leftover rice, and leftover ingredients. The only ingredients that are not leftovers, are the eggs and the and the spring onions that garnish it.

According to my daughters, Por Por's (Grandmother) Fried Rice is unrivalled. No surprising fact, since most kids view their parents' or grandparents, cooking as being the best. But unbeknownst to them, my mother's Fried Rice IS really that good.(she ran her own Hainanese Coffee House for almost two decades) It's Din Tai Fung quality good. It's Master Chef Fried Rice good. It's Fried Rice as it should be - Simple, Satisfying and Super Delicious.

If there's one dish you should master, it would be this dish. It's a dish that every parent should have in their repertoire of 'dishes you cook for the kids'. It's a dish that connects generations.

So here it is, the much coveted recipe video that many of my friends and relatives have been asking for. Master this and your friends will think you are the best cook in the world !

Don't say we didn't share :)

Follow our Tutorial Video to the T and you too, can be a Fried Rice Guru like Por Por!


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