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Valrhona Chocolate Crunch Cake by EDITH PATISSERIE

It doesn't get any more Chocolatey than this! Their best-selling chocolate cake is a big favourite and packs a chocolate punch with moist chocolate layers, 66% Valrhona chocolate cream, and Valrhona chocolate crunchy pearls. Coated with dark chocolate cake crumbs. If you like Chocolate, you'll LOVE this!

When their core values are quality, consistency and innovation, you can be sure that this Patisserie creates the most beautiful and delectable cakes and all things pastry. LOVE their intriguing flavour pairings and creative energy that goes into designing each and every cake you’ll find on their online store and now, at their Cake Bar (at 9 Penang Road, UBS Building) where you’ll find waffles, coffee and of course… their artisanal cakes.

Visit them now at:

Pardon our slightly Kiasu Disclaimer:

This is not a paid partnership nor do we earn a commission from this. We just love how beautiful their cakes look and think that you will too. Food Life And Me Pte Ltd has curated this list and has provided the link to Edith Patisserie for your ordering convenience. We are however, not a part of your ordering process and cake order. Thank you.


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