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What happens when you marry a soft steamed bun with the essence of the Vietnamese sandwich called Banh Mi - Well, you get a Banh Mi Bun of course!

And why would we even want to alter what many (including myself) consider to be, the perfect sandwich? Well... here' why : As much as we all love the solid crunch of a fresh, crisp, well baked baguette, many of us, unfortunately, cannot quite handle it any more. Yes, the teeth are not quite what they used to be. And it's actually happened to me 3 times, with the last resulting in a tooth implant costing me well over $3,000. So enter the 'senior' friendly steamed bun - frequently used for the Taiwanese dish, Gua Bao (which features a delicious thick slice of Stewed Pork Belly and some greens,sandwiched in a soft steamed bun).

This Banh Mi inspired sandwich has all the ingredients of a Banh Mi, but in a steamed bun, which means you'll have the ham, chicken or pork, smooth pate spread, enhanced by the fresh flavour of spring onions, coriander and the very important pickled carrot & daikon. If you would like to turn up the heat one notch, this sandwich usually features cut green chilli and some include sriracha mayo.

Totally your call.


1) Paté

2) Spring Onions

3) Pickled Carrots & Daikon (pickled in a syrup of sugar, apple cider vinegar and a little salt)

4) Coriander

5) Roast Chicken or Pork (I turned to a store bought roast chicken for convenience)

6) Ham

7) Steamed Buns




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