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Love Claypot Rice? Especially the burnt bits at the bottom of the claypot? That you pour soup into? Then eat it all up like a porridge? Well, here's the latest scoop! And you don't even have to wait for a Claypot Rice meal to enjoy your heartwarmingly delicious Png Pee Porridge! Found this big bag of "Crust of overcooked rice" at Shine Korea. It's a whole...entire.... bag... of burnt rice! And in convenient small pieces too! And since it's in a dried form, it keeps for some time, ready to use at any moment when the craving strikes. And it strikes quite often in my house😉

Super flavourful and Super Easy to use. So easy that it takes it's rightful place on our Easy-Peasy Recipes page!

  • Burnt Rice

  • Chicken Stock

  • Eggs

  • Tomato

  • Garnish or Meat (your choice)

Pour soup stock into pot

Throw in burnt rice pieces

Boil till soft (the degree of softness is pretty much up to you. Some like a chunky and robust soup, some prefer the smooth porridge consistency.

Add tomato.

Add water along the way whenever needed. This ensures that the porridge doesn't burn and that it isn't too salty.

Beat Eggs and pour in. Do NOT stir it straightaway otherwise the porridge will look a little mushy. Best to let the egg form into biteable pieces.

And that's it!

Serve it up and enjoy!


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