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Chocolate Fudge by THE PATISSIER

"Voted the top 3 chocolate fudge cake in Singapore, this meltingly smooth and rich fudge cake is made with the finest Valrhona Chocolate and muscovado sugar, resulting in a sweet first note, which quickly dissolves into a rich, bittersweet palate and finally, an intriguing smoky aftertaste." - The Patissier

This boutique bakery, leading the way since 2000, is home to gorgeous epicurean creations that feed both your eyes and taste buds. Artistic is the best way to describe the beautifully handcrafted cakes and of course, their absolutely stunning Croquembouches.

Visit them here at:

Pardon our slightly Kiasu Disclaimer:

This is not a paid partnership nor do we earn a commission from this. We just love how beautiful their cakes look and think that you will too. Food Life And Me Pte Ltd has curated this list and has provided the link to The Patissier for your ordering convenience. We are however, not a part of your ordering process and cake order. Thank you.


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