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Bring out the pretty with these beautiful Cake Stands


Cake Stands to show off that

beautiful dessert!

Epic, Grand, Monumental, Huge! Call it what you will, but whatever it is, don't miss it! Tons of wonderful stuff at at prices that won't send your head spinning. What a great way to kick off 2023!

This Link above is an Affiliate Link to Lazada which may earn me a commission. Not a huge commission, but a commission nevertheless, for which I have to provide this Affiliate Disclosure. Please note that there is no extra cost to you with regards to this. Thanks!

Is it just me? Or does anyone else remember this from their childhood? Mum (and my Aunts) always had 2 sets of dinner plates - One for everyday use (usually plain looking) and the other for parties or for ‘special occasions’ (which practically didn’t exist…) A big favourite in the 70s and 80s was the english blue and white plates that looked like they were stolen from Buckingham Palace. Fast forward to today and my own household, beautiful plates are taken out from the display cabinet for, yes, everyday use. I can almost hear by Mum’s voice “but then break then how??” To which my older self can now protest, “Life is short Mum! Enjoy everything! Yes, even your plates!” We deserve to be happy and if happiness is having a beautiful table setting everyday for lunch and dinner, then sign me up!


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