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Ever play Candy Crush? It's now known as an Auntie game. One that 'Aunties' (read middle aged women) are addicted to. Being an Auntie myself, does it then come as a surprise that I absolutely adore it? Yes I do. It's mindless fun that is challenging as much as it is therapeutic. Or at least that's the excuse I always give, to justify my hours upon hours glued to my tiny Samsung screen swiping across candy pieces. So now comes my latest excuse for this addiction : You can learn so much about life by playing Candy Crush.


1. You must approach life with a plan in mind. You must have a strategy in order to attain your life's goals. Don't just jump right in and hope for the best.

2. Use whatever boosters that you have earned along the way to get you through a difficult level. Never save your boosters for a rainy day. No booster, no moving up to the next level. Can't find a job? Ask friends and family for help. If you have strings to pull, now would be the time to pull it.

3. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. It's never unusual to have to play a certain level many times over before having the chance to move ahead. In life, accept that any task will surely take a few tries to achieve. Perseverance is key. So is managing your expectations.

4. Do something in life that you love. That way, you'll never tire and you'll never have so suffer from a mundane and unfulfilling life at work. I can never get enough of Candy Crush and look forward to getting on screen for new lives.

5. Set out with the intention of succeeding. Never be half hearted in your attempts. Your mind knows when your heart is not in it. As they say, play it to win it.

6. Sometimes, it takes that special thing called, Luck - to get you through. Plain and simple. There will be days that, inspite of all your best efforts, you'll still find yourself on Level One of whatever you're trying to accomplishment. If luck's not on your side today, set the task down, and step away. As the saying goes, "Better luck next time!"

By the way, best not to let your kids see this list. They'll be using this as leverage to play their next round of computer games and challenge you to stop them.


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