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When it comes to everyday cooking, it's all about saving time. Some days (and there definitely will be those days), you'll just have to whip up that dinner even if you can't seem to peel yourself off the floor. It's always good to have a few ready to grab classic marinades in your pantry to resort to for days like that. (no shame in doing that right?) Packaged sauces, gravies, canned stuff and anything that we can lay our hands on to make cooking that evening meal ever so less painful. Forgive us that it's not from scratch. Some days are just, not from scratch days ok?


This is my fav marinade! I have a few bottles in my pantry at all times. I use it for stir frys and sukiyaki hot pot meals and I'm not lying when I say that EVERYONE loves it!

  1. Shabu Shabu Beef Slices

  2. Garlic

  3. Onions

  4. Spring Onions

  5. Oyster Sauce

  6. Sukiyaki Marinade

  7. Black Pepper

  1. Fry about a TB of chopped garlic till slightly brown and fragrant.

  2. Add thin sliced white/yellow onions and fry till slightly soft and fragrant.

  3. Add thawed beef

  4. Add Oyster Sauce and Sukiyaki sauce to taste.

  5. Add black pepper at the end (optional)

  6. Stir in some long cut spring onions just before serving.


If yours is a gravy loving household, add more water along with the marinade and let simmer for a bit so that the rich beef flavour will infuse into it

Serve it up with steamed rice.

And quite literally, watch your family eat it up with gusto.



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