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If you're like me, you'll think that Chicken Karaage is something you'd only find in the freezer aisle or at Japanese Restaurants. Now imagine that version that you're used to - then turn it up 20 notches - and you'll have Aunty B's latest addition to her arsenal of Family Favourites - HOMEMADE CHICKEN KARAAGE! These chunky morsels of Juicy, Flavourful, Crisp dark chicken meat that are simply bursting with flavour, will make you shun the frozen ones of your past and make them a distant memory that you'd rather forget.

For this dish, Aunty B turns to her other most favourite cook, Seonkyoung Longest who has a loyal following on the web. For full details of this recipe, please click the link here


Step One:

Cut boneless Chicken Thigh into chunky pieces. Not too chunky though, otherwise, it will be very hard to cook through. Make sure, that your pieces are roughly the same size so that cooking time is consistent.

Step Two:

Marinade with grated ginger, grated garlic, soya sauce and pepper. The original recipe calls for Mirin and Sake. But if you do not have these in your kitchen, you can substitute it with Chinese Wine, which is what Aunty B did. Then comes Aunty B's fav addition to most chicken dishes, a little chicken stock powder to round off the taste. Leave in the fridge to marinade for at least 30 minutes.

Juicy tender Chicken Karaage
Chicken Karaage that's juicy and tender

Step Three:

Take out the Chicken from the fridge and bring to room temperature. Coat with cornstarch or potato starch or rice flour. (We usually use rice flour) Deep fry till cooked through. drain oil. Serve with fresh salad, a squeeze of lemon, and some Japanese mayonnaise to dip.



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