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This super easy to make traditional dish is given a hot pepper remix.

There are no exact measurements for this dish. The only thing you have to remember is that the gravy consists of equal parts Vinegar and water.

  1. Ginger - Add as little as a few slices to a whole lot, depending on how 'hot' you want it

  2. Pigs' Trotters (chopped). Adjust amount according to how many you have to feed. I usually allocate about 3 pieces per person if there are other dishes.

  3. Dried Chilli : the large ones are more robust in flavour but the smaller and skinnier ones are more spicy. If you want more dimension to your spice element, you can use both types.

  4. The one ingredient that determines the success of this dish: Chan Kong Thye Black Sweet Rice Vinegar. My mother always used this brand and so I swear by it too.

  5. Water

  1. Season trotters with salt and pepper and set aside

2) Cut Dried Chilli into pieces and remove seeds

3) Slice Ginger

4) Add a little oil to a pot that is large enough to accommodate the Pigs' Trotters and a good amount of gravy

On medium heat, fry ginger slices till fragrant. Add Dried Chilli and fry till chilli turns black (but don't burn it) and fragrant and smokey.

5) Add seasoned Pigs' Trotters and fry till skin is slightly brown.

6) Add enough Black Sweet Rice Vinegar to just cover the meat. Keep track of how much you pour in because you have to add an equal amount of water.

Add an amount of water that is equal to the Black Sweet Rice Vinegar.

7) Boil for about an hour on low heat and/or till the trotters are soft but still having a little bite. If you want more gravy, simply add more vinegar and water in equal parts.

8) Spoon out and serve with rice.

That's it! Told you it was easy!



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