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Aunty Belen refuses to let us waste money. So every time we spend $6 on a small jar of Kimchi, she gives us this big frown. It's the - 'It's so much cheaper to make and will probably be far tastier' stare that sends us running to return the item to the store shelf.

For today's quest, Aunty Belen turned to her fav site. For a full video, click here:

Here's how we were able to enjoy homemade Kimchi last week:

Step 1:

Prepare vegetables.

This could be cabbage or my fav,

cucumbers and koo chye.

Soak the cabbage in salt water.

Wash and drain.

Step 2:

Make the paste. Yes, from scratch.

But don't worry, it's far easier than you think.

It's a combination of Sweet Rice Flour, Chilli and other ingredients.

Just watch the video on the link above.

The results are richer than store bought pastes.

Step 3:

Now mix in all up.

Be sure to get into the nooks and crannies

especially if you are making the Kimchi

with one entire head of cabbage.

Step 4:


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