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Zane Cake - Vegan Chocolate Truffle Cake by UGLY CAKE SHOP

So rich and indulgent you'll forget that it's Dairy-Free and egg-free! This vegetarian and vegan chocolate cake is filled with a bittersweet ganache and topped with crunch cocoa nibs.

The prettiest cakes around are right here - at Ugly Cake Shop. And with their focus on using only the highest quality ingredients (French Cocoa, good butter etc) and all-natural flavouring (extracted from fresh fruit and other sources), you can be sure that their artisanal cakes and baked goods are as natural as they are beautiful. Plus, Ugly Cake Shop has Kid Friendly flavours and Kid Happy designs. It’s all here! Ugly Cake Shop is Halal-Certified.

Visit them now at:

Pardon our slightly Kiasu Disclaimer:

This is not a paid partnership nor do we earn a commission from this. We just love how beautiful their cakes look and think that you will too. Food Life And Me Pte Ltd has curated this list and has provided the link to Ugly Cake Shop for your ordering convenience. We are however, not a part of your ordering process and cake order. Thank you.


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